Moving & Setting Your Website Up On SiteGround

Sometimes, it’s time for you to move your business website to a new hosting provider. Whether you are moving your website from another host, or just getting started. These instructions will work for you to help you get started. FIRST Click here to pick the plan. This link takes you directly to the hosting plans, […]

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Small Business Goals for 2018

Today, let’s talk about Business goals for 2018. Many have made their New Years Resolutions for 2018, and at this point are “statistically” 2 weeks away from failing at keeping them up. But, when you run a business, you need to make real goals, not dreams and wishes of what you would like to see […]

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58+ FREE Stock Image Websites To Use For Your Business + Tips On Using Stock Photography

When you’re scoping out a new business that you want to do business with, what is the first thing you notice? What attracts you to their business? Is it their prices? Or maybe their products? While those two things are huge factors in deciding to work with someone, you are also usually attracted to their […]

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Podcasts I Listen To: To Learn & Motivate

I started listening to podcasts about 1.5-2 years ago, and have not turned away since. There is so much information to take in and whether you’re taking a break to relax, trying to learn something new, or get motivated and inspired – you can find it all there. You can listen to it while taking […]

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Branding Your Business – Why Is It Important?

Branding is one of the most important things you can do for you business. If you are telling yourself that you need more sales, you want to grow your business, and your audience… then you need a brand. Branding is not only important to large businesses, but also to small. Small businesses tend to just […]

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6 Ways to Brand Your Business

Branding your business can be as simple as creating a brand strategy. If you still need to know why you should be branding your business, hop on over here to get a breakdown of how branding can boost your sells.   Start by defining your brand. You will, first, need to start thinking about: Who […]

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3 Easy & Free Ways To Market Your Business

Marketing your business carries out your brand and increases your audience and revenue. Businesses, of any size, need to market their business and put themselves out there for potential customers. Why? The answer is simple. To grow.   As you may have read in my other posts, Why Branding Is Important & How To Brand […]

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